Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Preparing for #2

At 29 weeks we are pretty much set and ready for our son to arrive. Instead of setting up a nursery we set up nursing stations. The main one is upstairs in our bed room and has my nice new pump along with a boppy pillow, breast pads, a small book shelf, and the most important part a comfy rocking chair with foot rest. The second station is downstairs on the couch and has a nursing pillow and foot stool (I am short, but I still like me feet to touch the floor). Nursing foot stools are great for newborn nursing time because the baby is so small and you are so tired it's nice to have a leg up.
Since I only have 6-8 weeks off this time I am already planning my milk build up. I've decided we'll try building the supply during the day while I nurse instead of at night. This may change if my toddler decides she needs a little mama's milk too, but we'll hit that hurdle when and if it arrives. We've stocked up on breast milk storage bags too, we found them supper cheap at the commissary of all places so every time my husband goes shopping he's on orders to pick up a pack or two.
Next I got a new, bigger sling because to be honest I've gain a lot of poundage and needed a bigger one. This one is going in my hospital bag because I intend to be up and walking ASAP and want to keep my son close. My grandma asked how she could help and I told her I really wanted a couple new nursing tops (the kind that open in the middle right below the breast) so she got me two tops and a night gown (all also going in the hospital bag).
I've read up on proper latch (never hurts to refresh your mind) and kind of role play how our first few moments will go as I drift off to sleep. Sounds very silly, but it's really that important to me so we have two birth plans. One for a natural birth and one incase of a c-section because we have marginal placenta previa right now that hasn't corrected itself. Either way we are prepared.
I feel a lot more confident this time around, I think proper planning does make a difference.

Here's a low down of the "to do" nursing list for before baby comes:
1. Nursing station set up with pump, pillow, comfy chair, stool, books/toys for older kids, milk bags, breast pads, snacks/drinks for you (some things you bring out as you need them after baby gets here)
2. Nursing tops, bras - I would recommend having at least three different tops (I prefer the mid-opening as opposed to the lift your shirt all the way up opening) and of course nursing bras
3. Breast pads - the wool ones are best, but if you aren't sure get a sample of a few and try them all then invest in the ones you like best. For disposable ones I prefer the Lanolin brand. I've also tried cotton reusable ones that breath well, but leak easily so those are for times when I am just as home and when my supply settles and I know I won't be leaking all over the place. The cottons ones are a plus to the disposable because they are cooler.
4. Books - get a couple good books to have around the first six weeks, you can get them pretty cheap used if you shop around online. I prefer the Dr. Sears book The Breastfeeding Book, it's easy to read and use as a reference. Read at least one before the baby gets here, I read the La Leche League one this time and Adventures in Tandem Nursing.
5. Get some breastfeeding buddies or go to La Leche League. I'm not the best as making friends and it seems like no one is into talking about breastfeeding except with the closest of friends so I go to La Leche league. I've also decided that's a must for after our son gets here, at least one meeting to remind me I'm not the only one.