Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My motivation

At two years of nursing the question has been poping into my head often, "When should I wean my daughter?" I decided that when she is ready we will wean and not before, I believe that my working leaves a little hole in both our hearts which we both fill up a little with our one on one nursing time. Not to mention the added benefits when she is sick because all she will do is nurse and if she wasn't still nursing she'd get no nutrition at all during those times.

For added motivation I found this little blurp on a sheet in my buildings lacation room. I have highlighted it and posted it to my wall so I remember.

"Breastfeeding is more than just nourishment. It is a special relationship between mother and child. Babbies have a need to suck well into the second year of life and continue to need the physical cuddling and holding associated with nursing. It is recommended that you breastfeed for your baby's first year of life of even longer if you and your baby wish."