Tuesday, November 10, 2009

anniversary gifts

My husband and my anniversary is this month and my husband has already spoiled me rotten. For my anniversary he got me a freezer and these lovely wool breast pads (http://www.danishwool.com/products/item/nursing_pads.html). I have to chuckle when I think of these gifts (after I smile warmly and want to hug him again) because they are not your run of the mill anniversary gifts. They are however things I have been dreaming of ever since I became a nursing mom. Now that we are growing #2 I've been talking about them pretty much nonstop since conception so he got them for me and I am so excited to use them and not just wear the pads or fill of the freezer with frozen food, I CANNOT wait till that freezer is busting at the seems with frozen breast milk for my little nursling and those pads are well worn with use.

To top it off tonight I am going back to La Leche League for my first meeting during this pregnancy and I totally plan on joining this group again. We are definitely well on our way to a great nursing start and I am very excited. If only I had known all this stuff before our daughter was born, but that relationship ended well so it's all good.

Thrush update-
PS: The thrush seems to have gone the way of my daughter's nursing...adios for now. The trick that seemed to work best was a breath of fresh air...seriously go braless at night and it dries that pesky yeast right up. (My doctor said do that first and then if that doesn't work try microwaving my bras-unless they have metal clips, I laughed but seriously look it up, it's online as a way to kill yeast...hehe)