Thursday, February 5, 2009

strawberry milk???

When I first started nursing I remember reading a note that went something like this; if there is blood in your baby's spit-up, don't worry. It is probably your own blood. I then thought, oh how nice (not really I was in pain). Anyways I had a bad case of thrush a couple weeks ago and ended up bleeding again, but I didn't realize I was. I was pumping along minding my own business when I realized at the end one side of milk was apparently strawberry flavored. I know what you are thinking, ew gross, but for some reason I found it funny. Who else can say their breasts have made strawberry milk? So I took a picture to prove it and once I got my thrush cleared up, again, started using a vinegar and water solution which seems to be working fairly well to prevent new outbreaks (but if you start using it too use a little lanolin cream once a day as well to keep your nipples from drying out).

Every stage of nursing is a new adventure. For you moms that have nursed over two years or decide to go that long you'll find out, but it's still just as rewarding. Recently we had an outbreak of the stomach flu and the one person who caught it last and had the easiest time of it was my nursing daughter. Not only did she catch it three days after the first outbreak, she was drinking milk (mama's milk) and holding it down after only five hours of the stomach flu. It took us adults a whole 24 hours to start holding down liquids again. For me that proves the benefits more than anything. I know it did for my husband too, we been having low estrogen issues and after many doctor visits was told I have to either suck it up or quit nursing (because there are no other options for our particular issues) so I asked my husband if he wanted me to stop (before the stomach flu he would have said yes), but to my surprise he said "no, she's (our daughter) the healthiest of us all, no reason to stop doing what is keeping her so healthy". He's absolutely right, although I am cutting my pumping sessions down to once a day to see if that helps clear up some of our issues.
PS: The recipe for the solution to avoid thrush is 1 part vinegar 9 parts water.