Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Since we've stopped nursing I thought for sure this would be the end of my thrush woes. Whoa was I wrong...hehe

I've been doing some research and I believe I have found the reason why I can't get this thrush to vanish for good. We wash our clothes in cold water (save green) anyways, that does not kill the yeast that cause thrush, they say you can freeze your milk and still have thrush in it so I would pump an dump that milk when I was pumping with thrush.

The solution I have found (and will use with our next nursling if I heaven forbid get thrush again) is bleach and hot water on all my bras and undershirts (I wear one under my uniform because uniforms are VERY itchy). I was also amazed to find out that Nystain doesn't work for everyone so on my next visit with my midwife I will be asking for something else to help. I've heard there are a few prescription remedies out there so we'll see which one she gives me.

So this will be my blog experiment; what remedy completely rids me of thrush before next April. I'll keep track of all we do and let you know what works best. For now if you have thrush woes as I do, try using warm water and bleach on all your bras when you put them through the wash and keep that up until your symptoms go away (to be sure you don't let any of that yeast live!).

Friday, October 9, 2009

We're done

We'll after 2 years, 9 months, 1 week, and 2 days we are finally officially done nursing. At least it seems that my daughter has weaned herself. For the past couple of days she has only nurse 1 or two times and then yesterday none at all even though I offered (flashing the good and everything). My daughter just said put juice away, so I did. Adventures in Tandem Nursing says to expect this, especially with the changes the milk goes through so I was not surprised, but I was a little sad at first.
Hey though, we made it longer than most and self-weaned. Two big accomplishments!

It's now time to relax until our baby comes (early April). We've already decided we'll let our daughter nurse again when the baby gets here to if she decides to. Just incase I'm finishing up Adentures in Tandem Nursing so I'll know what to expect and we'll see where this new adventure takes us. It's will be strange not nursing for a few months, I've always had a little one hanging off me multiple times a day, now my breasts belong to me again and it's a weird feeling but also very nice not to have to worry about that. Perhaps I should invest in some regular bras (after almost three years all I own is nursing bras...why buy anything else?).

I'll still be recording my nursing with our next baby so stay tunned, I want to start with different changes and things that happen so you can read from the begining what nursing is really like.