Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've read about how some mom's get their colostrum in late into their pregnancy, but I never had that happen until now. I was very excited to wake up the other day feeling very full (and it wasn't because I had just ate...hehe) and then in the shower I noticed the drops of that white gold and I was just as happy as could be. Normally leaking breasts are more of an annoyance, but to me it meant our baby is almost here and my body is ready, willing, and able to give him all he needs. It's the one thing I can do for him that no one else can, which is an especially important thought considering I am a working mom and will leave him in my husband's capably hands during the day. It's nice to know I can give him something wonderful still in spite of working and I am so excited for it to show up this early!


Steve and Beth Smith said...

That is wonderful, Amber! I used to call it liquid gold! Will you start pumping or no? What do you do? I know the baby needs all the colostrum he can get, so it is better not to pump? Curious to know what the expert advises... and by expert, I mean you!! =)

Rebecca M. said...

Start pumping small amounts of that colostrum after 37 weeks and freeze it in case your baby needs supplementation in the hospital, to avoid artificial milk.

AJ Lewis said...

That's a good idea and I was going to try that, but never did. I did find that I got 8oz of colostrum pumping the first two days I was home from the hospital. It helped with engorgment and I had two bags just incase my so gets sick. We gave him the first bag the first day I was back to work too, just for a little immune booster. So far no illness other than a clogged tear duct so we're doing well.