Thursday, May 13, 2010

My first week back

We have all almost survived my first week back at work.

There are so many things I had forgotten about breastfeeding and working full-time. Like how much effort it takes to pump, not just pumping the milk, but actually pulling myself away to go do it. And how exhausted I feel after my forth session. I also don't remember being sore from pumping, but last time I came back after 3 months and this time it was a little under 7 weeks when I returned so I think that accounts for the soreness. Careful placing of the breastsheilds seems to have helped with that.

So how's it going this time around?

I once again pump in a small room instead of a nursing mom's room. I almost cried when I found out they don't have one in this building. It's so nice having a place always available to pump (my conference room is frequently taken in the afternoon leaving me no place, but the bathroom). It's also nice to know there are other mom's pumping too. Just knowing that bolsters my resolve to continue the constant pumping.

Good news is that this time my son took to the bottle like a champ. He solves most of his problems with food right now and he's at home with dad so I think that makes a big difference. The younger age might help too. Also I am a pumping champ myself, making twice as much milk as he eats in one day. That is so nice, I love to see all that milk in the fridge.

This time around we didn't run into any bleeding, which is great. Although the first few days of nursing a newborn I was a little sore, but the lactation consultant said that’s just me getting used to nursing again and it went away by the time I left the hospital.

Going all natural and using no pain medicine during labor really made a difference with nursing afterwards. My son took both sides only an hour after being born, I was thrilled!

We did seem to have a little argument about bottle versus mom my third day back to work. My son cried for about 5 minuets till I handed him to dad, then he got to rooting around while dad held him so I took him back and tried to nurse again. He whine/cried (an interesting type of complaining he does) for about a minuet until the milk let down occurred and then he was happily feeding away. It seemed like he was wanting the bottle since it is immediate gratification, but after that he learned the best fresh milk comes from mom and hasn't complained since. I think if we can keep him remembering that for the next 5 weeks (3 months old) our nursing relationship will be set to go for a good long time.

Some tips for any mom's heading towards their second time back to work:

1. Invest in the 8oz milk bottles for your pump, your breasts know what they are doing this time around and do their thing really well.

2. Buy two different types of nipples for your babies bottles, my son definitely prefers the orthodontic nipples so I'm glad we didn't invest too much in bottles before he arrived.

3. If you can afford it buy a pump for home too, it's nice not to have to lug mine back and forth from work.

4. If you used your first one for more than 2 years straight I would recommend buying a new pump regardless, it made a difference. I guess I wore my first one out (although I kept it for sentimental reasons).

5. Wool breastpads are a must, but bring one or two sets with you to work so if you leak through one you aren't sad. On that same note, keep an extra top around too just incase.

6. Start a set pumping routine immediately, once again your breasts will learn when milk is expected and meet your routine (after about two days) and that way you can set your email alarm and get used to it.

7. Remember you're not the only one doing this, it may seem like it, but trust me you aren't.

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