Monday, May 24, 2010

It Looked Like Spilt (Breast)Milk - By:me

My daughter has this book and it's a very cute one (, It Looked Like Spilt Milk.
This morning I thought of it because I spilt my milk. As I was cleaning up the puddle I realized I can remember each and every time I have spilt my milk, is that weird? I think it's because of how much work it is to make and I feel like it's part of me almost.
The first time with my daughter I cried, it was at work and I was pouring the milk from the bottle to the milk storage bag; someone walked behind me and I turned away for one second and the bag went down. Milk was all over the counter.
The second time I had to dump it on purpose because somehow a cricket (gross!) got into the valve of my pump with out me knowing. Yep, the pump did a good job milking the cricket too...I still have no idea how or where it got in there because I put the pump parts together each morning and it was not there that morning. Anyways, watching myself pour it all down the drain was hard, but that time I did not cry (although I felt a little sick to my stomach-bugs gross me out).
The third time was this time around, our bottles have a valve at the bottom that means the bottle comes apart at the top and bottom (supposed to help colic, but honestly I think it's just annoying) anyways I had never put one together and I was trying to help my husband before I went to work and just grabbed the bottle body and poured the new fresh milk in and then watched as it immediately poured out all over the counter (my husband thought it was funny, I did not).
This time it was the bottle again, I put it together, but I didn't do it right and after pouring the nice fresh milk (I pump before leaving for work if my son isn't awake to nurse) into the bottle (plus the last of my colostrum because my son seems to be a little sick) I turned around and saw milk leaking out onto the counter (I saved most of it though). I didn't cry or get sick, but I did continue to tell the bottle to stop it (the bottle did not listen so I got a new bottle out).
I guess as time goes by I get used to seeing spilt milk, but it does still have an impact if I can remember every incidence.

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The Jones Family said...

I felt bad for your spilt milk too! I know how you feel. Been there! Each drop feels precious because there is so much love in it! Love your weight loss tips. I am basically doing that and am down 15-18 pounds since last October. Today someone told me I looked like my pants were going to fall off. I took that for a complement. :-D