Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Head and Shoulders

Update on the thrush...The medicine worked for a week. Seriously!?! Anyways I found my own way to control it that has been working for two weeks now. Twice a day I apply a water/vinegar mixture. When I have itching I use only disposable pads and change them four times day. Finally I wash my nipples with Head and Shoulders shampoo once a day.

So far so good. It's become a daily ritual, but it's worth it to keep that nasty yeast far far away.

I was currious as to why the shampoo was such a big help in my fight and it turns out dandruff is believed to be caused by yeast. Stop the yeat, stop the dandruff...hence the shampoo. If you give it a try be sure to rinse well after using the shampoo, it's not something you'd want your baby to eat.

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The Jones Family said...

Great tip. I wonder if yogurt would work on dandruff?