Friday, July 2, 2010

weight loss and breastfeeding

So how's mine going you may wonder. Not too bad so far. I've lost 40lbs and only have 25lbs to go to get to my pre-baby weight. It going so well though I've made a goal to lose another 19lbs after that. What's working the best is counting my calories, I just keep what I eat to under 2,200 a day. I figure if nursing burns 500 calories a day and I am also working out for an hour burning another 300-500 then I'm well below what I should be taking in. So far I've been loosing about 3lbs a week since I started it which is as much as I want to, it's a healthy amount and puts me back to my regular weight in about 10 weeks and then another 5 to my goal. If I don't make it that fast too it's ok so my end goal is just to be down to 130lbs by the time my son turns 1. That gives me another 6 1/2 months to get there.

Aside for that goal I've set smaller ones with my work outs that help out a lot too, like running 3 miles in 30mins. I haven't gotten there yet, but almost (3=33mins right now) and I've dropped two sizes since I had my son so that great too.

It's a lot of work, but I know the breastfeeding really helps get things moving in the right direction for which I am very glad, it's so much work us nursing moms deserve to burn a few extra calories!

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